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UK Company Auditing Requirements

In the UK, only companies with a turnover exceeding £5.6 million or net assets exceeding £2.8 million are required to have a full statutory audit by a registered auditor. Companies with a turnover and net assets below these thresholds do not require any formal audit certificates.

For example:

Your accounting year end: 31 December 2008 Your accounts due date: 31 October 2009

While the full company accounts required by company law have to be prepared and approved by the members in a general meeting, a company that qualifies as a small or medium sized company (as defined in the Companies Act 1985) may file a shorter set of 'abbreviated accounts' at Companies House, limiting the amount of information held at the public registry.

Your accounts must be accompanied by a Director's Report, which is a statement by the directors that they recognise their responsibilities, including that of keeping proper books of account. If your company is audited, you'll also need a report prepared by the Auditors.

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