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Ready Made vs Custom Incorporations

Custom Incorporations

Traditionally, the preparation and filing of documents with Companies House (the government company authority) takes between 4 and 5 working days. However, because our ordering system is linked direct to Companies House, we've streamlined the process to offer custom incorporations within the 3 hour* with delivery of company documentation on the same day.

*Subject to Companies House

Ready-Made Companies

A ready-made company is a limited company available for immediate use once the ownership has been transferred and the new officers appointed. This enables the directors to either:

  • Trade with limited status using the existing name
  • Change the name to one of their own choice
  • Trade under a business name with the limited company
  • as the proprietor of the business name.
  • The ready-made company name can be changed but this will only take effect from the issue date of the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name and will incur additional duty and charges. Ancillary services provided include change of name, change of objects, pre-emption on allotment and transfer.

    Companies Limited by Guarantee

    A guarantee company has members, rather than shareholders, whose liability is limited by an amount, normally less than a £1, guaranteed by each member, which becomes due in the event of the company being wound up. The Memorandum includes a non-profit distribution clause and these companies are usually formed by professional, trade or research associations. After incorporation the company can be registered with the Charity Commission.

    Flat Management Companies

    A flat management company has its Memorandum and Articles of Association specially drawn up to allow the company to own, manage and administer a freehold property, which is normally divided into several dwelling units or flats, with each leaseholder owning a share in the company The leaseholder will be obliged to transfer the ownership of the share to the new leaseholder when disposing of the property.

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